About Us

traWell was founded by two Oxford graduates: entrepreneurs & seasoned world travellers. As we have grown older, we’ve often found our muscles a little stiffer & our minds a little foggier each time we returned home from trips. Yes, we squeezed great value out of our annual leave allowances & public holidays, but we always came back needing a holiday to recover from the holiday we had just been on! Can you relate?

Over time, we naturally gravitated toward more wellness-oriented itineraries. But we found that our search for rest & relaxation actually added an element of stress to our planning. While trying to create the perfect itinerary, we were overwhelmed by choice & information paralysis. On a few occasions we discovered that “” didn’t even deliver the holiday it promised. We would spend just as long scouring the Internet, reading reviews, searching out discounts and making reservations so that everything ran to plan, that the prep took longer than the actual holiday.

So we set up focus groups in Switzerland, Mexico, India, the UK and Dubai. We asked one simple question: What if there were a better way? What if we could say: “Hey Google, find me a wellness break in Country X”?

And so traWell was born! We’ve channelled our energy into helping others & a Wellness Tourism Company. We have visited over 130 countries, meticulously researching & seeking out the perfect experience for you.

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